Buffalo Chip Campground


SturgisBuffalo Chip Campground
20622 131st Ave.
Sturgis, SD 57785
(605) 347-9000
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 Rules apply to all Sturgis Bike Rally visitors that stay at the Buffalo Chip

The Buffalo Chip campground rules apply equally to every person who's allowed onto the campground premises.

Where do I set up while staying at the Buffalo Chip in Sturgis South Dakota?

SturgisAnyone who has a daily admission pass is entitled to camp for the day of admission and to stay on the Buffalo Chip campground premises until 10:00 a.m. on the following day.

Tent campers may locate their campsite anywhere on the Buffalo Chip's campground premises, except they may not pitch a tent inside areas designated off-limits to the general public, secured areas, the parking lots, the amphitheater, inside the South 40 RV park, nor within 50 feet of any improved RV space on Crazy Horse or Stage Hill.

This is how it works when you come to the Sturgis Rally and stay with us at the Sturgis Campground:

You pay to camp, and all activities sponsored by the Chip, including whatever artists perform, are included in your non-refundable admission fee. You are welcome to attend the concerts without camping, as many do. In other words, you don't have to stay. We just make it possible for you to do so, so you won't party too much and then hit the highway (or have the highway hit you).

SturgisYou never know what to expect during the Sturgis Bike Rally

Please realize, this is Rock & Roll. That means that someone we think will play, won't. That means it'll rain at least once and that the wind will blow 100 mph for at least a minute.

All Camping and Concerts are Non-Refundable

It's non-refundable because we have to pay to put it all together, no matter what happens. We can't control it all, but we give you the premiere Sturgis Bike Rally experience. You can check us out further in the biker videos available at your local video rental store. Or just ask some other bikers.

Your non-refundable admission fee entitles you to see whatever concert or other activity is happening at the Sturgis Campground.

The Sturgis Rally Concerts and Daily Admission Normally NOT AVAILABLE until Spring

Note that daily admissions are routinely not available until the spring of the year. Until that time you are encouraged to take advantage of the extremely favorable package rates for the Per Person Rally Pass, the Per Person Extended Rally Pass or the Per Person Early Bird Pass.  Admissions for individual days are made available after we know who the headliners are going to be and we better know what it's going to cost us to provide that entertainment for you.  And that's why the daily rates are higher.